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Interested in discussions about what community means, looks like, could be, should be, especially in Northern Virginia? Have you experienced a strong community in the past, but are having trouble finding it again? Are you curious about how we can make our lives better through our connections with other people? Do you care about society's future in an increasingly individualistic world?

Let's talk! This is purely informal, and not coming from any set philosophy or program or anything else. I'd just like to find some people to think big thoughts with. The angle here is looking at community from the bottom-up/grass-roots, not from the top-down, aka urban planning (many areas such as Ballston, where I live, are already doing a lot there).

The idea is to come with questions -- I myself am not sure what I think the ideal community looks like -- but I have some ideas based on experiences I've had in the past, and I'd love to trade thoughts with other people. I'm expecting this to start as a discussion for a while, but if things go well, and we find some common ground, we could try to implement the things we talk about.

Basically, we'll make it up as we go along!

We may use optional readings or videos as jumping off points from time to time -- I have some, and welcome more, so bring your ideas.

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