What we're about

Highest energy efficiency & virtually allergen-free indoor air quality

For people who want to learn and communicate about homes built to the Passive House standard -- twice as energy efficient as Energy Star -- very quiet, uniform temperature, high quality construction with abundant, fresh, virtually allergen-free air.

This is an opportunity for consumers, builders, architects and all others to meet informally and discuss the Passive House program of home construction.

The Organizer is Paul Grahovac who works in the construction industry (Build SMART) and is eager to spread the word about Passive House.

The meet-ups are hosted by Architect Dave Herron at Draw Architecture & Urban Design. DRAW has experience analyzing, evaluating, advising and executing sustainable building strategies.

The meetup will facilitate relationships among the participants as they learn from each other about Passive House and their reactions to Passive House. Passive House is an international non-profit movement focused on significantly reducing energy consumption. It has virtually no funding for promotion, so word of mouth interaction is key to success of its mission. By meeting and discussing it with other like-minded members of the public, people will feel empowered to support Passive House and each other relative to the movement.

Past events (4)

Attend a Passive House seminar


Hear KC Passive House apartment developer speak
Prairie Design Build tour of a Passive House. RSVP to them. See below.

Prairie Design Build Passive House home tour