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Energizing the New Human for the New Earth - This group caters to those willing and ready to be of service to a new consciousness for humanity. The lecture will be developed through a combination of decades of studies, books and personal experience from here in Ottawa and around the world from my colleague seekers and myself. The monthly sessions will be provided as long as there is interest from the participants. After the introduction of the participants, a quick lecture of 20 minutes will be provided followed by a discussion of about 40 minutes and a wrap-up session of about 10 minutes to capture the main questions.

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Building the New Earth & the New You – Updating your Chakra Network

Starting this group a year ago, I wanted to create a space where it would be easy to share our thoughts on our place, time and Mission to support a positive outlook for earth's evolution and that of humanity. In our last session, we spoke of a series of sacred sites I recently experienced in England.

For this new season, I’m suggesting a series of energetic body system improvements. For our next session, I will review the roles of our seven main chakras. I will guide a journey for an energetic cleansing followed by an energetic ‘boost’ to Gaia through our Earth chakra. Please make sure to have a lighter dinner for more benefits.

I hope to see you at our next meeting on Sunday October 24th at 7h00pm.

Meanwhile, I invite you to visit my website and my new book at https://www.spiritualkeymaster.com

In oneness,

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