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These will be social events for singles. Aimed at connecting with fellow singles. They won't be dating events or matchmaking events. But as people are sometimes shy in social situations there might be a little help sometimes to ease into meeting the folks that are there. Its sometime easier to just hang out by yourself or with one or two people that you know. So there might be some help to break out of that a bit.

The events will mostly be in my photography studio or at a local pub, both on Moody St in Waltham. A new restaurant hub of Boston. The studio is a very cool artist loft in a converted mill.

If you're single it is likely that there is at least some interest in meeting someone. So, although that isn't the focus of the event, just to make that possibility of "meeting someone" a bit more likely there will usually be an age range of the events.

There seems to be a bit of a community forming around these events which is really cool with people usually leaving having had made a connection that might last beyond the party.

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A Party for some awesome online dating photos! AND just to have a great time

You have friends and you have fun with them. But do you have photos to prove it?

Sometimes its hard to catch that good shot with a camera phone. Sometimes that shot really has to be gotten in the moment. And that is what professional photographers do well. They can catch you in a moment that you look and feel great. So give the job to the professional to do it right.

This will be just a party... AND there will be a few professional photographers hiding out or out in the open and taking awesome photos of you having a blast with friends. They will be catching you in the peak moments of having a great time. Those kind of candids are great on your profile. So what a great opportunity

Nice music. Meet new friends and hang out with your peeps. Hang out and have a great time.

There will be munchies but bring some liquids.
You will be able to download the photos that you want to put online right away. No guarantee that you will love some but most likely you will have some that you love.

Cool idea, huh... I hope you can make it!

How to BE photogenic...
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

So many people THINK that they aren't photogenic.

Well we're going to spend the evening exploring this and discovering new ways of looking at a camera and a photograph that might just change this opinion you have of yourself. If I was terrified of a camera I would react and protect myself and be on guard from this evil thing. Ya think that looks very pretty?

So if that is you, how do you change this. Well it might be around changing some life scripts and creating a new relationship with a camera. Who know...
Some tips and trick will happen that you can use on your own.

We will be doing some playing and some imagining. Writing that new script ...lets see if it takes.

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