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We are at that time in entire human history, where we can swipe on who we want to be friends with. This group is exclusive to BumbleBFF ladies in the Upper East side, in the 5 boroughs & beyond, who want to meet other Bossbabes who are looking for meaningful connections, share interesting stories and empower one other. Expect everything from a support system to finding women you want to go try out that new Pilates class with, to professional networking, or bitch about how bleak the dating scene is in New York haha...all while exploring a new restaurant in the city. We will also be doing a lot of outdoorsy stuff such as picnics to Yoga and Meditation in Central park, go to a club with a promoter on a weekend ( yeah I said promoter so we can have a nice $dinner$ prior) check out a new ballet show at the theater... all depending on what you want to get out of this meet up. We will be planning a Summer hiking and kayaking trip as well , location TBD! There is a small $20 annual fee, 6X LESS than your annual Prime membership. Based on your interests and profiles, we will get women together so we can have a diverse experience, get out of our comfort zones and build lasting friendships!....READ BELOW...






Dear you, yes you .....

- First things first download the Meetup App so you can be in touch with us BFF's !!..get your #basics covered.

-For a lot of fun events we have lined up, we will need to reserve spaces in advance. If you are unable to make it to an event , please remove your RSVP 48 hours prior so other Babes can join in...Be kind ...just saying!

-We are busy juggling a 1000 things life demands, so its possible you may be sad to miss one of the events and have a "no show" . If you have a 2nd no show , we may have to have to remove you ..we will be really sad to let go..so just try and make it ...also you wont get FOMO if you just show up :D

-Come and try out our events before your trial expires! I cant make an exception for one, then I have to for all Bossbabes.

-Some events will require additional payments and you will be notified in advance before you decide to RSVP. You are in control !!

- Goes without saying - you must have your own profile picture, so we can recognize you at events!

- This one also goes without saying that you should be 21 years and older !

- As its in the description above this is a all woman group, so if you are a male reading this ...please read this !lol

- By joining this group you agree to not solicit Bossbabes to other groups. Meet up announces new events and groups and all members automatically get notifications.

- you agree to treat other Bossbabes with respect, kindness and courtesy in all meet up events we have!

Cant wait you meet you babe ....!!

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