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Aims to propagate and preserve Thai traditional arts, banana leaf and flower handcraft inherited from the Thai Royal palace. As long as each craftsmanship, which requires a finely detailed and meticulousness in order to create one. In addition, all these aboriginal art could reflect the way Thai ancient lived and how beautiful & exquisite of handcraft created by Thai ancient.

However, nowadays it is noticeably see that Thai traditional arts is no longer favored in general due to the fact that it is a time-consuming artifact to get an outstanding proper master piece, and less people could be patiently enough to accomplish it.

As a consequence, this kind of craftsmanship is fading away through time. Accordingly, we believe in change by ones action, we finally established "Bu-ngasariflorist" in order to expose our intention toward Thai cultural heritage preservation. Both secret keys and knowledge of all techniques are inherited and carry on by generation to generation as the desire of those beautiful Thai traditional artifact propagation and keep it exist with posterity.

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