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This is a group for anyone interested in co-hosting and possibly being the main host of a popular podcast. All skill levels are welcome, but please see our requirements below. We will record once a day every weekday. No recording will take place on the weekends or holidays. Some podcast recording will be recorded remotely and some will be done in person depending on live audience location(s) and availability. We are looking forward to exploring the podcast world with you and hope that you will become a permanent co-host to one or all of our online and in person shows.


(The Life & Happiness Podcast) takes you on a journey of exploration. Join our hosts as you discuss tried-and-true methods as well as the latest trends in how to live your life to its fullest and happiest.

(The Music Podcast) covers everything from Pop to Rock to Hip Hop to Top 40 and classics from the past. Join our hosts as you discuss new releases, what your favorite artists are up to, and what is changing in the world of music. If you’re wondering about concerts, tour dates, or celebrity news, we can help. No matter what your musical preference, we’ve got something for everyone.

(The Movie Podcast) is your ticket to the latest movies. Whether it’s the newest blockbuster event, romantic comedy, action, or indie film, we’ve got all the news on what’s in theaters. Join our hosts as you discuss what movie to see this weekend, which ones can wait until they come out on video or Netflix, and which ones you should skip altogether. Grab some popcorn, sit back, and join us at the movies.

(The Sex Podcast) is a show that examines all aspects of sexuality, from physical to emotional to spiritual. Join our hosts as you discuss age-old questions, common misconceptions, and the latest topics surrounding sex. You will tackle topics about sexuality from the complicated to the hilarious and everything in-between. The Sex Podcast is your show for all of your questions about sex (even some you might not have thought of yet).

We’re looking for someone who:
• Conferrable work under a deadline
• Have high quality microphone, high quality headphones, recording software, google drive account and Skype
• Have a quiet place to work
• Has imagination, a creative mind, and vision
• Loves, identifies, and tells a good story
• Is fiercely competitive to produce the best but is curious, thrives on learning, and believes growth comes from saying, “Can do”
• Knows the importance of details
• Can think on his/her feet, is adaptable to rapid changes and tough deadlines

• Assist in the ideation and creation of show segments
• Pitch ideas and research show topics
• Research subject matter and potential guests, generating questions for shows
• Coordinate and schedule recording in studio and in remote locations
• Pre-interview guests and occasionally conduct interviews for on-air use
• Communicate with internal and external contacts for the best possible product
• Collaborate with Executive Producer and creative team members as needed
• Meet multiple schedule deadlines on time
• Coordinate with editors, mixers, etc. both onsite and offsite to ensure ongoing workflow
• Select best audio cuts from interviews, on-location audio, etc. for use in segments and shows
• Select highlights for social media and website use
• The ability to edit and mix audio or a willingness to learn

• Eyes and ears of a good editor
• Inspiring great ideas
• Story telling
• Converting curiosity to innovation
• Writes well
• Well organized, detail oriented, able to prioritize
• Able to meet deadlines
• A willingness to seek out and schedule show guests
• Record and edit shows during afternoons, nights and weekends

****Call (301) 778-8414 to become a co-host on a new podcast.****

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