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Burbank Social Hour
Bring lawn chairs, blankets, snacks.

Abraham Lincoln Park

300 N Buena Vista St. · Burbank, CA

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This group is for professionals who are interested in making new friends, engaging in conversation, and exploring new adventures. We'll meet outside in a relaxing park setting - free of the constraints of a bar or restaurant - where real conversations can happen. Then we can adventure out for a group activity afterwards.


If you are like me you’re over 40 and often you find yourself at loose ends on the weekends.

Sure, we have some great work friends, but we rarely see them outside of work. And we have some fabulous couple-friends, but we can’t always find time to meet up with everyone’s busy schedules. Even our single friends are out and about making it difficult to plan anything, especially on short notice.

Or maybe you’re new to town, recently single, or you’re simply looking to expand your network of people to find someone you truly connect with.

Maybe you just need something to get you up and motivated on a Saturday morning.

If so, then the Burbank Social Hour might be just the place for you.

The Burbank Social Hour brings together a diverse variety of professionals who are interested in making new friends, engaging in conversation, and exploring new adventures.

You are welcome to join whether you are single or coupled (married or in a relationship / straight or LGBT). This inclusive group is for people looking to make new friends.

The Burbank Social Hour will take place most Saturdays at 10:30am at an outdoor location (likely a park in or near Burbank). So bring your lawn chair or lawn blanket. Bring a morning snack if you want. Even better, bring something to share.

We’ll start each meeting with introductions and a little ice-breaker to get the conversation started.

I welcome suggestions for the ice-breakers but thought we could get started by asking a simple question for everyone in the group to answer.

For instance:

What is your favorite picture on your phone and why?

What is the one thing on your bucket list that you could easily do, but haven’t? And why?

What is the scariest thing you’ve done this year? (coming to this group could be it)

What surprised you most about turning the age you are? What didn’t you expect?

What surprises you most about the generation younger than you?

What is the one thing on your Amazon Wishlist that you really want, but can’t bring yourself to buy? (and the reason isn’t that you can’t afford it – we all have those)

After the meet up, everyone is encouraged to pair or team up for another activity, be it go to lunch or a movie, take a hike, or visit a museum. Whatever you think would be fun. I’ll try to come up with ideas for each Meetup, but suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Team up to do the things that you want to do but didn’t want to do alone.

My interests include: hiking, architecture (urban exploring), photography, road trips, museums, and movies. What are yours?

Following the advice of other Meetups guidelines, please do not message anyone in the group that you have not met personally. This group is about building in-person friendships, not online conversations. If you cannot make it out to the Meetup, then this is not the group for you. Everyone should feel comfortable about this Meetup. We must work together to make sure it is a safe space for everyone. Please let me know if it is not, especially if someone has contacted you that you do not know or that you have asked not to contact you. Respect each other.

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