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What we’re about

🚀 Welcome to the Burbsec Extravaganza! 🎉
Are you ready to dive headfirst into the vibrant world of InfoSec, surrounded by a squad of tech-savvy enthusiasts, students, hackers, geeks, and all-around cool people? Look no further – Burbsec is THE place to be in the Chicagoland area!

🔐 What's the Buzz at Burbsec? We're not your average meetups – we're the ones who put the FUN in cybersecurity fundamentals! Join us for a night of networking where connections are made, friendships are forged, and conversations are as smooth as a perfectly executed API interception.

No Dues! No Presentations! No Pushy Salespeople! Because who needs dues when you can invest in upgrading your cyber skills, right? No presentations mean no snoozefest – just pure, unadulterated cyber goodness! And don't worry, we've got a strict "No Pushy Salespeople or Recruiters" policy – we're here for the laughs, not the sales pitches.

🗓️ The Burbsec Lineup:

  • Burbsec Prime: Every 1st Thursday at Enterrium, Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg. Classic and current video games, fantastic food, and drinks await. Find us chilling by the side bar – we're the ones with the glowing keyboards!
  • Burbsec North: Every 2nd Thursday at D’Agostino’s, Glenview. Pizza, bar food, and chill vibes – because nothing says security like a comforting, intimate gathering. Join us for a byte of everything!
  • Burbsec West: Every 3rd Thursday at The Pour House, Naperville. Private room in the back, lively atmosphere, great food, and an excellent beer selection – the perfect combo for a night of tech tales!
  • Burbsec East: Every Last Thursday at Navigator Tap, Logan Square (Chicago). The BIG one! With 30-70 attendees, we practically take over the joint. Navigator boasts 50 self-serve taps of wine and beer, and yes, you can bring your own snacks.

🚨 Disclaimer: May cause excessive laughter, lasting friendships, and an increased appreciation for cyber puns. Attend at your own risk – the fun is contagious!
Ready to level up your socializing game? Join Burbsec – where cybersecurity meets social butterfly! See you at the next meetup, cyber explorers! 🚀

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