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We are a ladies only group, focused on forming friendships while doing fun things in a safe environment. Let's go to a museum, enjoy some food and conversation, go camping, to a concert/play/show, a crazy drunken night on the town or enjoy 80s night at Metronome. Whatever you want to do, I guarantee we have other ladies who are interested in it as well!

We are very accepting of all of the things that make us "different". We have many ladies in different age ranges, school/career paths, family situations, etc., but we focus more on the things that we have in common rather than the things that separate us. Read our reviews if you are curious to see what our members are saying about us! :)

What you will find with our group is that at every event, we make certain that all ladies feel welcome and included. We are genuinely interested in meeting you and making friends with you and we applaud your bravery to step outside of your comfort zone to come meet us.

So, if you are looking forward to spending time with positive women who are looking to have fun and just enjoy life while making new friends, then you are in the right place!!

As an aside, every lady is welcome to join, even ladies who are in transition. We only have controls on this group to keep it safe and secure for real and genuine friendships to form :)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why are there so many questions for my profile and why do you require a photo?

Your answers to the questions and photo help me make sure that we keep the group a safe environment to form real, lasting friendships. Our motto is "Come for friends, find sisters". The questions and photo allows me to determine that you are here to find a genuine connection with female friends and allows me to make sure that people aren't joining the group for promoting their own self-interests or to find dates (we've had men infiltrate trying to find dates before these profile precautions were enforced)

2. Can I bring a female friend to Ladies Group events?

Of course! We are interested in meeting anyone who is brave enough to come and hang out with us! We just ask that you only bring your friend a max of 2 times and then they join the group on their own since everyone pays dues to be a part of this group. That way no one feels like someone is getting access to the events for free.

3. Oh yeah, the dues...You charge $5 per year. What's up with that?

Charging dues has allowed us to maintain a concise membership level of people who genuinely participate.

$5 breaks down to 41 cents per month, which is less than your monthly Starbucks trip. It helps us pay the fees for having our group hosted by Meetup and it also allows us to run larger events that require a deposit. Then, if for any reason, there is a shortfall for such large events, it allows us to cover the unexpected costs without going back to participants to ask for more money.

We have also purchased some food for the Williston Food Shelf with this money, purchase hand warmers for the homeless and we plan on doing other donations in the future with the available funds.

Your dues help us to maintain a safe environment for lasting and real friendships to form.

4. Is there a trial period?

Of course! Each new member in this Meetup Group gets a free 30 day trial period to come out to events and see if this is the right group for you. I'm confident that you will find something you want to attend within a 30 day timeframe to help you make a decision about whether you want to join :)

5. Am I able to host an event? Or suggest one for someone else to host?

Oh My God, YES! If you want to host, please let me know, or if you want someone else to host your idea, please let me know. Feel free to send me a note at any time with any suggestion. We have very few rules for hosting events, but here they are:

• Be dedicated to our group. Basically, make sure that everyone knows where to meet, how to find you or how to contact you if they have any questions. You are representing the Ladies Group and as such, we prefer that you are not trying to wear any other hats for an event you are hosting for us.

• Be communicative before the day of the event. We have found that we get much better participation by keeping the message board energized or by sending out a private message to the prospective attendees, especially new members.

• Be inclusive of all of the ladies in our group. Everyone has been new at some point and we all know what it is like to walk into a group or room where you don't know anyone and feel excluded. What makes our group special is that we always make certain that everyone feels included and welcome :)

• Be a host because you genuinely want to do fun stuff and form great friendships. We are a group that focuses on forming friendships that last. If you want to put up a business event that you are throwing, we want to support you and you are allowed to do that one time. We do not allow mass self promotion past one event.

• Have a ton of fun! It is really easy with this group!

6. If I host an event, does it have to be in my home?

Oh God, no! You can host a dinner at a restaurant (preferably one that does separate checks), cocktails at a bar, a walk downtown, etc. An event can be anything you saw in Seven Days or anything your little heart desires. As long as it abides by the 5 rules we have for event hosting :) Some of us prefer to put events on in our home because we have the space and it allows more ladies to come. Plus we don’t have to worry about reservations, people having a difficult time finding our group, etc :)

7. I’ve heard mention of a private Facebook Group…Tell me about that…

We do have a private Facebook Group but you must be a Facebook friend with another member of the private Facebook Group to be added. It is protected in this way so that it is only for our members and it is where we put ideas out to the group and discuss new event ideas, share things with ladies who aren’t your Facebook friend, etc. It is a great conversation place! You can also find us on the Public Facebook Page (

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