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This Meetup group is open to the public and for anyone who wants to brush up on their tech skills, learn how to code, or learn more about Burlington Code Academy. We host free workshops, events, study sessions, lectures, discussions.... and more.

Burlington Code Academy is a leading code school that trains students in the technology skills needed for the modern job market. With an impressive job-placement rate, BCA is committed to teaching students not only how to code, but how to think like a programmer, emphasizing the social aspects of coding and how to work on a team.

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Intro to React Workshop

Burlington Code Academy

This is a hands-on intro to React workshop. React is a front end JavaScript library for building, fast, modular pages that dynamically draw front end content. In this introductory workshop we will be learning about JSX, React Components, the virtual DOM, and building a React based web page. After you have completed this workshop you will have an understanding about how React works, and how you can easily build a modular, performant front end using this JavaScript library. Goals ===================== 1. Understand JSX, and the V-DOM. 2. Learn about the React framework. 3. Discover how to build a modular page with React components. 4. Connect with other learners and instructors. Preparation ====================== This workshop requires that you bring your own laptop with several tools to be installed on your local MacOS, Linux, or Windows operating system, as well as a basic understanding of JavaScript and HTML. Please see the installation instructions at the following link. - http://bootcamp.burlingtoncodeacademy.com/projects/installfest After you complete the instructions you should have the following tools installed. - Visual Studio Code - Node.js - Git You should also have a user accounts at the following services. - Github - Heroku About the Instructors: ====================== Joshua Burke is the Lead Instructor at Burlington Code Academy. He has over five years of professional programming experience in various languages, has served as an instructor and leadership committee member at Girl Develop It Burlington, and is the Co-Organizer of Burlington Code.

Intro to UX Design

Burlington Code Academy

How does someone feel when they engage with a product? What guides their behavior, choices and interactions? User experience (UX) design is the process of uncovering answers to these questions and applying this research to the design of a product. This free workshop will provide an overview of the field as well as an introduction to UX design practices and techniques. Goals ===================== 1. Understand why and when user experience (UX) matters. 2. Discover interface design techniques, such as wireframing, information architecture, and site mapping. 3. Learn research methods that transform qualitative and quantitative insights into design decisions. 4. Connect with other learners and instructors. Preparation ====================== This workshop does not require a computer or any preparation. We will provide pens and paper. About the Instructors: ====================== Benny Boas is the Co-Founder & CEO of Burlington Code Academy. He has over four years of professional experience as a UX designer and has worked with a number of integrated design teams to deliver products for consumer and health-tech clients,​ ​such as:​ ​Verizon,​ ​USPS,​ ​Microsoft,​ ​Merck,​ ​and​ ​Pfizer. Benny also creates the curriculum for, and instructs on, the UX chapter in Burlington Code Academy's Web Development Bootcamp.

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Learn to Code with JavaScript

Burlington Code Academy

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