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READ & WATCH: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle (1962)
We'll meet in the Take Five Lounge about an hour before show time. I will try to pick the showing closest to 7:00 pm. The show times won't be out until possibly Wednesday of that week. I am hoping it will still be showing at that time. Right now it is holding out with four showings a day. If necessary, we may have to pick a second theater last minute. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to post them here.

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I'm looking to start a solid & committed small to mid-sized group interested in all things books. I'm not Oprah...If I want "fluff" I'll grab a book from a girlfriend. What I want is to read and discuss silly books, smart books, graphic novels, classics, books made into movies, movies made into books, books about movie stars and books about rock idols. Comedy, Finance, Home-Improvement, Kid-Lit, Satire, Psychology, Mystery & me the Ridiculous & the Serious....I WANT IT ALL. The only thing I don't want is the stagnant same old "I feel like I have to finish this 'make me want to puke' book" book club. I'd like to do this with a group of similar minded people who crave diversity, wit & who expect the unexpected.

If you join, be willing to commit to one book a month & be open to hosting in rotation...I'm thinking low key restaurants/bars at first for some drinking & food then possibly moving it to members homes sometimes if we ever feel that comfortable...WHICH I HOPE WE WILL! So if you're open to the possibility of learning & at least thinking, come with me and definitively shout to the masses:


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