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Find the magic in being alive. This group is for anyone who wants to get more fulfilment out of their life, having fun, really relaxing and finding laughter in the rain. Offering an alternative for those discerning souls amongst us who are looking for entertainment and enlightenment all in one. Relax. Come and Zen out with us.

Zen aims to offer holistic spirituality to those searching for more. We aim to have a wide diversity of activities on offer for those looking for something different. That includes speakers, workshops, social events and more. Some of our speakers and events could be considered New Age but often come from practices steeped in ancient rituals and mystiscism. We also aim to host speakers such as artists and therapists who believe in the power of the Mind Body and Spirit connection that can help people make better choices in their own health and well-being.

We offer wholesome vegetarian and vegan food on cafe days and evening meals on Saturdays when there is not an event taking place.

The most important thing though is to have fun and enjoyment whilst learning a bit more about ourself and how we fit into the world around us.

Our lounge area has comfortable seating and tables and chairs. It will be developing over time. We have a lovely little tea garden at the rear and we have big plans to make it extra special and in the summer we will no doubt spread out under the verander at the front of the entrance too.

If a picture paints a thousands words then take a look at our albums for a snap shot of what we are about.

We welcome our zenbies into our Zen family so that no-one need feel alone or 'out of it'. We don't mind how often you come to see us but we appreciate if you talk to us now and again in order to keep the realationship active. We will keep in touch with you but if we don't hear back from you for a month or so we will think you are not interested and remove you from the list.

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Chill with Yin Yoga

Mind & Body Yoga Studio


The yoga that gets to the parts that other yoga can't reach. It has been said that Yin yoga is the equivalent of having an injection of glucosmene right into your joints as it stretches deep into the soft tissue beyone the muscle. Yin is a great complementary style for those already practising yoga - it allows the soft tissue in and around the muscles and in joints including the spine to gently stretch for longer to aid comfort and flexibility . It is also a very calming and relaxing style. There are variations in pose to suit all anatomies - yin is evolving so no longer just a complementary style it is becoming a style in its own right. It's great for those who tend to use certain muscles repeatedly to like cyclists, dancers or body builders etc. Please book to ensure that there is space for you. You just need to come along wearing loose comfortbale clothing i.e. t shirt and jogging bottoms etc no need to have special gear and we supply all you will need during the session like mats blankets etc. You are welcome to bring your own mat and equipment if you have it. pre booking essential https://www.mindandbodybury.co.uk/book-here.html Cost is £8.50 for one class or if you buy a block for our classes they range from £35 to £60 for 5 or 10 class blocks t & c apply

Happy Cafe

Zen Lounge at Mind & Body Centre

FABULOUS NEWS: We have been invited to host a fantastic Happy Cafe in conjunction with Action for Happiness whose patron is the Dalai Lama.. We are very excited and will be launching our cafe on Sat 19th October. You may have noticed we have been posting happiness on our page recently and think that it is now really important that happiness rules over negativity. Our launch will be on 19th October 10am - 12noon and as we have limited space and no idea how many people will be interested we are asking people to book but there is no charge. So if you find you can't it please do let us know. Book your space here There will be drinks and snacks to buy and lunch for those who want to stay on/ https://www.mindandbodybury.co.uk/events.html just select happy cafe. Expressing an interest on here is great but best to register at the abovr link

Hatha Yoga class

Mind & Body Yoga Studio


A mixed ability class to relax and invigorate you. You booking will only be valid if you pay in advance as classes get full. Book here https://www.mindandbodybury.co.uk/events.html

Let's do a Gentle Hatha Yoga Class

Mind & Body Yoga Studio

Hatha is a traditional style of Yoga which is a good mixture of standing, balancing, mat postures, flows, breathing, meditation and relaxation. The underlying aim of Hatha Yoga is to balance Body, Mind and Emotions. It is a great way to develop flexibility, suppleness and strength and improve the efficiency of your breathing. Regular practice helps you develop a calmer outlook on life. Classes vary from week to week. You don't need to bring anything with you. We supply mats blankets and cushions. Wear comfortable clothing like leggins or jogging bottoms and t shirt - you can wear yoga gear if you have it. For you first time come about 10 mins early to meet the tutor, Barry. Classes are small so you wont get lost in the crowd and thats why we ask people to book in advance as we do sometimes get full. hhttps://www.mindandbodybury.co.uk/events.html From one class = £8.50 or save and buy blocks of classes for any class t & c apply PRE BOOKED only

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General Hatha Class

Mind & Body Yoga Studio


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