What we're about

The purpose of this meet up is to help us:

a) Sit down and write!

b) Meet (and possibly befriend) other writers in the area.

c) Gain a better understanding of the craft, its challenges, and rewards; this means discussing theory, psychology, personal experiences, maybe even books!


You're good at writing (or so you've been told), or maybe you're a one hit wonder (that time you wrote that really good poem in middle school!). If you're bold enough to call yourself a writer, you just might be one. For some reason, however, you just can't seem to put that novel together. For some reason, your poems just...well, they don't make your blood flow the way they used to. You keep jumping medium to medium; you started with a novel about your dad's psychosis and now you've decided maybe a TV series on gentrification might be better.

You need new energy, new resolve. Just a little something to bring you to the edge and push you into the deepest depths of writer's waters...


We're a group of writers, professional and amateur, based in Bushwick, who find that regularly getting together and writing while sitting with each other can be fantastically productive and motivating. Our meetings usually consist of writing for 75-90 minutes in focused bursts on whatever project each of us is working on. In between banging on the keyboards, we drink coffee and talk about our work/backgrounds/projects...if we're up for it. It's completely cool to just come, do the work, and not engage in too much chit-chat (writers do tend to be somewhat introverted).

ALL TYPES/NON-TYPES OF WRITERS WELCOME! Poets, screenwriters, novelists, short fiction scribes, non-fiction writers, memorialists, etc.

Locations vary, but we like to gather in neighborhood coffee shops (so come ready to buy a coffee, tea, or whatever for using the space).

Bring whatever writing implements are best for your process: laptop, notebook and pen, crayola and napkins (if that's what works for you). Committed and regular attendance is highly encouraged.

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Sunday Afternoon Brunch & Writing Meetup

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