What we're about

Are you an expert at every aspect of running your business?

Of course not, and you are not alone!

Our group is passionate about helping businesses succeed. It is our objective to provide meetings for networking and support, all while providing the opportunity to learn, and teach other, from our collective experiences.

So yes, bring your business cards, expect to meet people, but also bring your desire to learn, succeed, and help others along the way.

We are committed to having one keynote speaker presenting at each meeting, and open discussions related to specific aspects of running your business. (For example: Lead Generation.)

During each session:

1. Keynote Speakers

You will learn from an experienced keynote speaker. We will assign each topic as we schedule the sessions. Although keynote speakers will introduce who they are and what they do, they will be there to teach, and will not directly sell services or products.

2. Questions and Answers Discussion Group

There will be Q&A activity, where each attendee will have the opportunity (at their own discretion) to:

• Introduce their business, and experiences related to the topic. We may limit the number of attendees for this section due to time, and priority will be determined by individual event registration order


• Raise their hand to help others through their own experiences, services, or network connections

3. Networking

We will reserve the final 30 to 60 minutes for networking over refreshments.

Our goal is that each attendee leaves each session learning something new, and with new business-to-business contacts.

Join us today.

Thank you

We are in the process of planning and scheduling the first session for late March/Early April 2019.


• Are you interested in being a keynote speaker?
• Would you like to suggest a topic that may help your business?
• Do you have a venue you would like us to promote and use?
• Would you like to register early to participate in these sessions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, visit us at http://indatum.ca/business-accelerator-group/ or reach out to us at Go-Do@indatum.ca.

Thanks again

Domenic Ali and the team at Indatum

At INDATUM, we enable the Go-Do.

Enable your team, enable your customers, enable your Go-Do by working with our team.


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