Introducing BAI Amsterdam: the global community of Agile Transformation


Hello people of Agile,

We are happy and excited to welcome you to our first ever meetup in Amsterdam!

Business Agility Institute lives and breathes through its global communities and it's ready to contribute to the agile business transformation of Amsterdam.

But enough with the fancy words, we believe that you will get to know us better through our speakers and their talks.

In our 1st gathering, we start with 4 (TEDx-like) discussions that we consider that will bring value to your working (and personal) life. We aim to provide knowledge through experience that you can apply it the next day already. You will find us at BESTSELLER, a few minutes walking
from the Rokin Station.

Now have a look please at our speakers and their topics:

- Maarten Dalmijn

Maarten is a Product Manager and Scrum practitioner who believes in 'less, but better'. By blending the world of Product Management and Scrum he helps teams to beat the Feature Factory and uncover better ways of delivering value together. Maarten is a top writer on Medium in Product Management and Scrum.

Topic: Introducing Scrum at a company where everyone hates Scrum.
"I worked at a company where everyone hated Scrum. When I say everyone hated Scrum, I really mean everyone. From the top of the leadership down to the managers of teams and developers writing code."

This is the messy story of how you can introduce Scrum in a Scrum-unfriendly environment by following a Trojan Horse approach.

- Farid Nat

Farid is an Agile & DevOps Leadership Coach at BNP Paribas in Brussels. He will be joined by his two colleagues, from Scotland Tom McGuire, and from Belgium Guy van Put. Together they will put over 60 years of experience in IT & Business Innovation.

Topic: Presenting the Align Framework, a holistic approach to Business Agility; How winning businesses hijack DevOps principles to dominate the 4th Industrial Revolution.

- Dennis Mansell

Dennis, as an Agile Coach, helps organisations, ranging from enterprises to start-ups, taking 'Agility' from being just a word in their strategy and turn it into their DNA. He has always been obsessed about getting people to work together effectively - both in his own communities and in those of his clients.

Topic: 'Three Winners, Three Losers - What is High Performance?'
"We've been programmed with an industrial mindset: every problem has one, best solution. A single hero with a brilliant plan will be the winner. Complexity has however made this mindset moot: no single person can solve the problem, the problem has many solutions and focusing on 'winning' will cause you to lose."

This talk covers three cases: a heroic explorer, a brilliant plan and a 'winning team' and shows how their lack of agility became their downfall.

- Clarke Ching

Clarke is the author of two Amazon best sellers - "Rolling Rocks Downhill", the business novel, and "The Bottleneck Rules", a delightfully short book, which has featured in The Guardian newspaper and The Spectator magazine. He's been powered by Eli Goldratt's Theory of Constraints and Lean for over 20 years, and Agile since 2003. Clarke specialises in helping technology managers solve the gnarly problems that hobble Agile adoptions.

Topic: In this talk, Clarke will teach you a simple process for finding, then managing, the bottleneck that is hiding in your workplace, and secretly sucking the productivity and joy out of the place.

P.S. There will be food and drinks for everyone from 5:30 and during the event. Please make sure that you are registered (RSVP) since we need to provide the list of participants in advance (security reasons).