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Provoking fresh thinking for a new business future

Who are we? Provokers, activators, collaborators for a better way to work.

What’s our cause/gig/thing/passion? Business agility: change, innovation, how people work for a successful future.

Where are we? Wellington.

When do we meet? Every other month for in-depth online or in-person sessions and online via our LinkedIn group.

How do we operate? Spread the business agility word across the capital.

Join us to learn about, share and agitate for/promote/advocate for/boost/business agility.

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Happiness at Work: Creating positive work culture with 5 golden rules

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast," Peter Drucker said this ages ago and it is true: you can have a beautiful vision, mission, ideas and plans, but when people do not behave accordingly it won’t work. So if you want to build an organisational or team culture in which people are happy and engaged and where they can flourish you have to DO the right things. But what can you do?

In this meet up you will experience what happiness at work is about. Besides that Maartje will explain what a positive work culture is, what the 5 golden rules are to build it and who is responsible. People & Culture leaders, Agile coaches, HR managers and everybody who is interested in this topics please take your questions, stories and opinions to this session so we can discuss it.

Join us for this online event with Maartje Wolff

Our speaker:
Maartje Wolff is author, speaker, trainer and advisor in the field of happiness at work and creating a positive work culture. In March 2015, together with Fennande van der Meulen, she founded Happy Office to help organisations to create an organisational culture in which happiness is key. In September 2020 they published their first book: The Happy Office Manifesto, four pillars of a positive work culture. This book was nominated for management book of 2021 and will be translated in 2022. To put Happiness at Work on as many corporate agendas as possible and make people do things Fennande and Maartje declared the last week of September as the International Week of Happiness at Work and initiated a global movement on this topic. In more than 40 countries organisations ‘celebrate’ this event. Besides co-founder of Happy Office, Maartje is co-lead of Woohoo Unlimited, a partner organisation that connects global professionals in happiness at work. Together they build a worldwide community and brand in this field. Maartje studied Communications in Utrecht and Corporate Cultures at the VU in Amsterdam. Together with Fennande she followed a postmaster course on the Efficiency of Happiness at Work at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, a 3-day training as Happiness at Work Team Coach and the CHO Academy of Woohoo Inc. in Copenhagen.


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