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Quantum leap your business!

Do you have big ideas of where you want to take your business? Are you an open-minded, expansive thinker, energised to talk business boosting ideas with like-minded people?

We meet as a small group (max six people each time) to quantum leap your business by exploring and expanding the areas of growth for your business right now. Whatever stage of business you’re at, it’s invaluable to hone in on what’s pressing for you and get the input and creative vibes of six heads, rather than one.

How does it work?

Six people; 2 hours. After an initial chat and arrival, we get stuck in. You start by briefly sharing where you’re at with your business and the one thing that’s a real growth point for you that you’d like to explore. It might be something broad like you’d like to break into Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter in your marketing, or something very specific like dealing with a difficult business relationship. Whatever it is, you share it and we all get to work. Everyone in the group takes a couple of minutes to note down what they would do, avenues to explore, suggestions and leads. Then, we all put our heads together on your burning issue for a further 10 mins until you are brimming with relevant and actionable ideas. Then we rotate! Simple! Real gold nuggets of ideas come out in these dedicated brainstorming sessions!

It’s only £2.50 to book your place and the cost of a coffee or tea at the venue. We we want to keep the price low to give everyone the chance to come, brainstorm and emerge from the 2 hours feeling energised with a host of business boosting actions.

What do you get?

- A friendly welcome

- Support, friendship and idea-sharing with other energised business people

- Dedicated time and input from others who care about YOUR business

- A structured, facilitated and focused idea generation session

- Actionable ideas and suggestions to expand the ideas you’re working on now

- A chance to learn from everyone else’s business ideas too

- A meeting of like-minded souls who are success-oriented and embrace out of the box thinking and business expansion

Bring a notebook and prepare to GET ENERGISED.

Please pay £2.50 in advance via the Meetup link to reserve your place. Strictly 6 places per session.

We look forward to meeting you at the next Business Booster Club!

Sarah O'Malley

Business Booster Club Organiser

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