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We thanks you for joining the Business N Professional Cafe pan India This is a place where you can discuss how to expand your Business N Professional horizon with new financial services ,investments planning to grow your existing business to achieve new goals innovative manner .

Do's to Network in Finance If the school or college you are graduating from is not well known, put extra efforts in networking, that is, efforts to connect with the ‘right’ people. Talk to teachers and professors to give recommendations. If you’re interning, connect with senior managers, project owners and other staff. Keep in mind that only early bird catches the worm. Have an early start and establish contacts.Start networking months and months before you actually look for a job. You can do this simultaneously with your graduation. Utilize the interning period aptly. If you perform well, chances are high of getting absorbed in the same company.Networking is about getting more people to know you, so meet as many people as you can in the finance industry. There are no bad connections; every connection will be valuable in the long-run. Talk to people and make an effort to know them.When you meet people, be genuinely interested in them. Discuss their background, interest, hobbies and any recent personal event. Practice this and you will build relationships. Remember that relationship marketing is a major component in finance.Understand that networking is a long-term effort. Networking in finance will continue till the day you retire. Start building relationships early on and it will improve people skills too.Change the strategy of networking if you are not getting results after investing months. Ask friends and people in Finance what is going wrong. Define expected results. What do expect by connecting with someone? Evaluate if you’re getting the desired results every couple of months.While networking, don’t overlook names of friends in your circle. Friends working in the finance industry form important connections. Check whether you are making progress.


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