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Looking for fast tips on using D365 Business Central? Don’t miss the next Mix It Up – an insightful and entertaining approach to learning and sharing tips you can use immediately. Led by former users, it’s a great place to ask questions and share your insights – and cocktail recipes! Each call will feature a specific “adult beverage”, or feel free to choose your own. All roles and versions are welcome!

As a community event, Partners are welcome to participate in MixItUp provided they participate professionally and do not engage in any sales activities.

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BC Mix It Up - Oct 2021

Online event

The times, they are a changing my friend. Used to be EDI was a technology reserved for the big boys and it was a big hairy project to implement and support. But what about lately? More and more companies are either being required to adopt EDI by their trading partners, or looking to take advantage of the efficiencies, or both. So what's the state of EDI now? Is it easier? What are the options? How does the average BC/NAV user get started? Let's find out from our expert panel of EDI experts.

We hope you can make it (the call and our themed drink 😊)!

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BC Mix It Up - Sep 2021

Online event

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