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Asia Business Network's Monthly Social! (FREE!)
This is our Asia Business Network monthly meeting. We meet at a location near Grand Central in Midtown Manhattan for business networking. We are joined by English students from Asia, who are either working or studying as professionals in Banking, Business, Economics, and Finance. They are in America learning English and are interested in business relationships with Asians in America. There are networking activities and a conversation topic is introduced to the group. There is a short lecture and there is discussion on the conversation topic. The conversation topic is always Asian Banking, Business, Economics, or Finance related! Asian business current events are introduced to the group, and economic issues that are important to Asians in America are discussed. Social networking time is also given. There is going to be an Asian language exchange and there is English language instruction offered at this event. At the end of the meeting the group is invited to go to Karaoke, or an Asian club, bar, or pub. The location is usually in China Town or Korea Town. The number of English students in the meetup is given to the right of the event organizers name as pluses to the meeting. The students include a large number of graduate students from Columbia and NYU. Erik is the host of the event. Erik has had years of experience in hosting Asian events in New York. Erik is a established member of the Asian community in the area and he improves networking performance by encouraging social networking and giving coaching for relationship building. Translation Services: There is a Chinese - English translator in the group, whose services are for members in need of them. There is a Vietnamese translator whose services are offered upon request. The group is planning on adding a Japanese - English and Korean - English translator also. Erik the organizer is also familiar with Indonesian and Mongolian. Indonesian and Mongolian translation services are also going to be offered upon request. Translation services are free. Thank you, Erik The Asian Business Network Organizer

Grand Hyatt New York

109 East 42nd Street · New York, NY

What we're about


This is the Asia Business Networking Meetup. This is a Meetup that was produced with an idea of promoting business networking with Asia and Asians, in New York. This is not a Meetup only for Asians. We promote business networking with Asia and Asians in New York. There is an emphasis placed on business with China, Japan, and Korea. We do however encourage members to join who are interested in doing business with other Asian nations such as; Cambodia, India, Laos, Mongolia, Vietnam, etc.. We have many language exchange and learning programs planned, so that members can learn important business items as; Asian business etiquette, business in the Chinese language, writing business letters in Japanese, writing business letters in Mandarin, etc..

This is a Meetup for;

• Asians in New York who want to do business in New York and America.

• Asian Americans who are in the finance industries and wish to build a social and professional network.

• Americans who do business with and in Asia.

• Americans who do business with Asians.

• Americans that want to learn about doing business with Asia.

• People from countries other than America that want to learn about doing business with Asians and in Asia.

Our goals are to;

• Produce events which are profitable networking environments.

• Enable Asians from Asia to network and engage in business in New York easier, and profitably.

• Promote Asian community economics in China Towns, Japan Towns, and Korea Towns in America.

• Produce lecture series on Asian Banking and Asian Economics.


This Meetup is teaming up with English Language Instruction for Asians Meetup and hosting a monthly meeting on Asian and English culture and language learning and exchange. We are also teaming up with the Asian Fashion in New York Meetup, and are going to be able to offer discounted tickets to their annual Asian Fashion Show, which is always in a New York Korea Town or China Town location.


We try to have at least 75% of our meetings in Asian neighborhoods and Asian business locations, in order to promote community economics. We do meet in many midtown locations and Manhattan business districts for educational purposes and tours.


The administrators of this group would like you to remember that "We" are the Asian business network. You need to put the effort in this group, as in other groups, for us to succeed. Please be a social contributor and put in the effort to be a repeat member. Economics is not something that banks do to us somewhere behind closed doors. Economics is what we do with our community and our resources.

Thank you,


The Asian Business Network Organizer

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