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Mastermind Partnerships - Community / Business Partnerships
Main Topic How to convert more of our leads / prospects into sales! Learn through mastermind seminars and partnerships how to build your very own BOS - Business Operating System to grow your business, earn more money, work less hours, have less stress and have greater life balance as a result of getting your business engine - BOS - to produce greater success for you. There are three major areas of focus within each event. DNA for PEOPLE ( - How do we better understand people. DNA for BUSINESS ( - How to generate more and better leads, convert more of those leads into sales and generate more referrals from current client. DNA for LIFE ( - Learn that Natural Laws which will help you see greater success in every area of your life. We guarantee that you have never been to any event like this. The materials covered, the networking, the connecting and sharing of best practices will change the way you do business forever. Questions . . . [masked] ext. 222 Would you like a Complimentary Personality Assessment (

Rasmussen College - Aurora/Naperville Campus

2363 Sequoia Drive · Aurora, IL