What we're about

Meaningful relationships in business yield better results and profits over time.

We are a community of business owners & professionals or varying experience levels - from experienced to starting out in business.

As a community of business professionals and owners, we are aware of the need to connect meaningfully to build our businesses and relationships.

We provide support for each other and have workshops to learn the latest strategies and thought processes that make for a successful enterprise.

We are determined to provide the following for you:
- A comfortable place for you to relate, connect meaningfully and meet other people with the intention of helping you build a business.
- An arena to learn from some of the top experts in business located in the UK, US and globally.
- An access point to developing business relationships with other professionals in other countries.
- To develop social as well as business contacts who are loyal and willing to partner for the common and the highest good.

We will specifically provide the following types of events:
- Business & Marketing Educational events.
- Meetings to meaningfully connect & relate to other members.
- Social Events from time to time.
And much more.

These meetings may be a combination of in-person as well as virtual / online meetings.

We look forward to meeting you.
Please join our group ASAP.
Mark Layder, Organiser

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