What we're about

Doing business in a culture you grew up in is hard enough; doing business in a foreign culture is a whole new mountain to climb.

• Have you worked outside of your own country?

• Did you discover the 'right' way of doing things the hard way?

• Can you smile about it now, but at the time it was terrible?

Business Culture Exchange (BCX) is a Meetup for professionals of all backgrounds to learn from each other through sharing our experiences of working in a range of cultures around the globe.

The kinds of things we might discuss include:

• Drinking Culture

• 'Pulling an all-nighter': How hard are you really expected to work?

• Meetings, pre-meetings, and pre-pre-meetings: Does everyone have them?

• Class and business: Something we should NEVER discuss?

• Eating out, at your desk, in a meeting?!

We aim to learn, share, network, and help others to avoid the mistakes we made, all in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We'll meet once a month on the last Monday of the month. Come join us!

BCX is organised by Dr Barbara Clark, founder of You Say Tomato (http://www.you-say-tomato.com), a consultancy that helps fix communication problems. Barbara was born in Detroit, and now lives in SE England and works in London.


Two generous partners help to make Business Culture Exchange possible.

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The Union Club (http://www.unionclub.co.uk/membership.php) is a private member's club in the centre of Soho, the heart of London's media and theatre land. The Union Club occupies a 270 year old, listed Georgian town house of exceptional character and charm, and provides a relaxed, peaceful, and very welcoming space to hold informal business meetings and celebrate milestones of all sizes. The Union Club is a unique and exquisite institution where everyone feels at home. If you're looking for a new home away from home in London, consider becoming a member of the Union Club.

Past events (1)

At our inaugural meeting, we'll be talking Drinking Culture!

The Union Club