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When the Founder first started his Entrepreneurship Journey he is lost in direction and without any support. After a few year, Business F.U.N is born to help people that are interested in starting a business or already in business.


Hi, I'm Tan Jia Jun

I empower Dreamers to start their path into Entrepreneurship.

Jia Jun is the founder of Get Dreams. He completed 10 years in service for the Republic of Singapore Navy. He took a leap of faith from an employee to becoming an entrepreneur despite having objections from his family.

Through his journey, he failed 2 businesses because he was like a lost ship in the middle of the ocean without heading towards the right direction.

He learned from his failure and know the importance of having business mentors and coaches. With his mentors and coaches, guidance and support, he is now the Senior Managing Partner of GetDreams, the Network Owner of Business F.U.N as well as a partner of the Intelligent Millionaires Network.

He was invited to NUS Entrepreneurship Society to share his learning journey with the student and became an inspiration for them.

It is OK if you are an employee now! I know the step you should take to start making your Dreams into Reality!

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