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Our business networking group is about collaboration and sharing of resources (knowledge, experience and consumer referrals) Through incentive marketing we have created a business model that will grow your business through "shared value" marketing. We will build our customer base by rewarding them for spending their monies and rewards within our participating merchant community.


Through this concept, the merchants can also become a Gratzii Merchant Member as well. They will get more sales from new and repeat customers, they earn from the consumers they refer into the circle and other opportunities based on the efforts of each business networker.

You will see with this concept, your business will benefit from the different aspects of the following

• Your business will get access to more customers

• You will earn from promoting and referring others to this group

• You will earn from the spending of everyone in your direct network

• You can earn addition bonuses and such

Come join our group and/or local meetups to learn more on how to grow your business and the profits you work so hard for. Remember, when you build your network, you will build your net worth.

This is an invite only group, so make sure you put the username of the person that referred you to this opportunity as you will see the value of making sure the person that you refer knows your username. If you found us by accident then just click here. (http://www.xchange.network/glenn)

www.xchange.network (http://www.xchange.network/)

See you on the other side

Glenn Goff

CEO, Xchange Network

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