What we're about

Are you a business owner attempting to grow a business? Perhaps it's not growing fast enough or it is not profitable enough for you. Feel like you've, "tried everything?"
Are you working IN your business or ON your business? At this event you will learn and easily apply smart selling, smart marketing and smart business growth strategies with other business owners, other guests and me.

Meetings will feature both learning and engagement. I'll share tools on a host of business growth accelerators to help you build your business faster, define your unique position in the market place, and use the best methods to connect with your ideal customers. You'll engage with similar professionals and will be able to ask questions specific to your business.

As a Marketing Consultant for more than 20 years, I've helped a wide variety of businesses grow exponentially. I am a speaker, author, consultant and growth coach to businesses for rapid acceleration and increased profit. I taught marketing and growth strategies to business owners in every primary and secondary city in the USA. I traveled and coached businesses for 20 years, logging thousands of miles of flying.

Today, I see a need for small business owners who don't have time for all-day lengthy seminars.They are too busy running their own businesses.Sound familiar? I know you'll like this meeting's format. It's concise and productive - 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 2 hours tops. This meeting's topic: "Exponential Growth - How To Embrace And Apply It"

A great tool, The Excel "Exponential Growth Calculator"download is free to all who attend. If you're growing linearly vs. exponentially - and you probably are, then you need this...

Note: This meetup is not the place to sell your products/services to us. Instead, sell us on your products/services, so we can make recommendations and perhaps offer improvements so you can grow, grow, grow!

Join us. The worst you'll do is to enjoy yourself. The best you'll do is to grow.
You can't beat the price. (Hint: it's free.) Seating is very limited. First come, first served. Who should attend: Business Owners, Partners, VP's, Business Managers and Directors, Marketing & Sales Executives.