What we're about

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence is a fundamental skill required for every aspiring data Enthusiast. Strong fundamentals in Data Analysis and Business Modeling enable a business/data analyst to generate valuable insights for the business.

The demand for the qualified professionals in the field of Data Analysis and Business Intelligence has been predominantly increasing with the ongoing time. Most of the organizations are in search for more innovative ways to wrangle enormous levels of data so as to extract the valuable insights.

This meetup group will focus on developing skills in data visualization, data analysis, business statistics and business modeling using Python, Excel and Tableau.

Who should join the group on Business Intelligence & Data Science?

The major sets of targeted audience for this Data Analysis Training program are
Working Professionals (1-5 Years)
Industry Expertise
IT Professionals
Any Degree Holders with interest in Analytics
Job Seekers
Delhi/NCR resident.

Join now & grab the best opportunity of interacting with the domain experts in Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Data Science and Business Intelligence.

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