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In today’s world of big data, many of our most critical solutions are buried amongst millions of data points scattered in the cloud or located on servers. Modern data analysis can help us to recognize hidden problems or discover potential opportunities.

While this group has been designed to address business intelligence (BI) needs for state and local government, some topics will appeal to private sector organizations. Keep in mind, this group is for anyone that is interested in learning more about data science and business intelligence. If you are a data whiz or simply have interest in how the pros convert data and extract meaningful insight, we invite you to participate. Our members are analysts, data miners, computer scientists, programmers, and IT managers.

The sessions will be held 6-10 times a year and cover topics such as, modeling, reporting, dashboards, and data visualization. If you are working with data to gain insights and are using Power BI, Python, R, SQL, C/C+, Java, Tableau, Excel, or Hadoop, then join us!

Presenters at our user group represent thought leaders and practitioners who understand the value of business intelligence and how it can impact business decisions.

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Leveraging Location in Business Intelligence

Microsoft Corporation

Leveraging spatial technology as a part of a larger business intelligence strategy has the potential to save time, improve efficiencies, and can help your organization make better informed decisions. If your organization is making investments in business intelligence, this session will explain how Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can help you in better serving departments and the public. GIS is helping organizations (and specifically the public sector) improve transparency and communicate with stakeholders. In this session presented by ESRI, we discuss and demonstrate how to unlock the power of location in your business intelligence. This session will focus on ArcGIS Maps for Power BI, available inside Microsoft Power BI. ArcGIS allows users to create beautiful map visualizations that surface patterns and trends in your data and gain context with ArcGIS maps and demographic data. If your organization is looking to do more with location-based data and visualizations, don’t miss this session. Limited space available. While this session is more geared to public-sector (state and local government), organizations using business intelligence tools that need to visualize based on location may be interested in the content being shared.

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Data Visualization Best Practices

Microsoft Corporation

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