What we're about

How would you like to improve yourself (professionally) 100% in the next two years or less?

I started this group to provide a ‘platform’ for professional agents to improve their business and professional skills through reading (or listening) books. All licensed Agents are welcome to join us---newbies or experienced agents.

We meet once a month and share what we learned on the selected ‘book’!

Organizer will provide a tracking form—to record reading and identify key points for possible improvement.

(P.S. Quick math… when you read 10 pages a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year = 2,500 pages a year. Most professional books are 150-200 pages, which mean you’ll read 12-16 books a year. When you do that, it is believed that you can improve—at least 1% a week. 50 weeks a year—you improve yourself 50% a year or 100% in two years—or less. That was just by reading, if one was to take 1-3 of those ideas to implement and incorporate to your daily life—the results could be double or quadruple…)

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