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You Know What You Know, But You Do Not Know What you Do Not Know!

Pretty obvious? Well you would be surprised about how many people dive in to setting up a business, part or full time, and get the basics wrong, which can have a devastating effect further down the line!

Come to the Bitesize Business Startup Bootcamp and we will discuss the basics, enabling you to lay down a foundation to allow your business to grow on steady foundations. At the heart of this Meetup will be you!


There are thousands of people like you who either want to start something or have taken the first steps.

My name is Paul Kelly and, after leaving corporate life, as a UK PLC director, I have started several businesses. Some have worked, some haven't. Some have made me money, some haven't. Let me help you not make the mistakes that I and too many others have!

What is important is that I practice what I preach. I am not a failed business person trying sell coaching or mentoring to people, I am a working entrepreneur, currently running two businesses and involved in several more.

So, come to the Bitesize Business Startup Bootcamp, where, everyweek, we will look at one aspect of setting up and running your business, including:

- You are not alone
- Why businesses fail
- What not to do
- What has made you take this step?
- Your attributes & goals
- What is your USP?
- Have you thought about franchising?
- Setting Up your Business
-The web, email, social media and all of that new fangled stuff!
- Choosing a name
- Decide the trading style
- Register with HMRC
- Accounting & bookkeeping
- What should be on an invoice
- Business banking
- Insurance
- Employment & staff
- Licenses & registrations
- Health & safety
- Data protection
- Protect your idea
- Location, offices & properties
- Finances
- Do the numbers stack up?
- Planning the numbers
- Where does the money come from?
- Get the cash flowing
- Advertising
- Marketing
- 100 different marketing ideas
- Sell to succeed!
- I've never sold before!
- The classic sales procedure
- Quick tips, cost savers and other things to consider
- Networking - spread the word, one person at a time!

As you can see, there is an awful lot involved in getting the foundations set - lets go through these together!

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Business Startup Bootcamp - One Day Business Startup Class

Macbeth Centre, hammersmith

One Day Startup Bootcamp

Macbeth Centre, hammersmith

(Part 4) Protect Your Idea & Making Sure You Are Legal

Bathtub 2 Boardroom, 1-3 Fredericks Place


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