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If you were to take business advice from 5 people in the world who would be on your list. There are few that wouldn’t have Warren Buffett on their list and so why not immerse ourselves in his teachings and share our unique perspectives on what he has to offer each of us individually. If you are looking to successfully grow in business then let's get together and really pursue our dreams as a team and learn from one of the greats.

Our goal is to dive into the thoughts of Warren Buffett, his strategies and mindsets that made him such a mammoth of business men. We will each share out our personal takeaways with each other as we make our way through his book/books and see what we can gain from each other picking apart the mind of a generational brilliance.

Amongst our time digging into the world of Mr. Buffett we will discuss how we can implement his approaches into our own businesses. We will encourage each other to continue pursuing these great dreams of one another and make sure that when times get hard we have a support system to help each other.

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