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So your starting or operating a business and are at a lost as to what technologies to implement. What software? What computer equipment? What services? In this group meet with other peers in your situation. Together we'll learn what technologies are available and how to best use them.

We have no memberships to sale and you are not obligated to purchase anything. Just come here to become aware and learn how to grow your business through the proper use of available technologies. Our sole purpose for this meetup is to educate and learn. To answer questions such as; What technology is best? or, why did this technology not work? We believe that we all can learn from each other. This Meetup is 100% sponsored by TekNación, LLC (http://www.teknacion.com). It is our goal to educate and learn from the business community about available technologies.

It's been a long-time goal of ours to find a low-cost platform in which we can educate business owners and entrepreneurs about business technologies. We understand what an aspiring entrepreneur goes through knowing that he/she needs some sort of business technologies for their new business but does not know where to start. This group will be that starting point for these individuals to learn from others who have gone through the same issues. The same holds true for those currently in business and are looking to improve or tame the technologies in place.

Are you proud of a product or service your are using and want to share it with your peers then start up a conversation. Want to know what technologies best fit your business or are curious about a product or service then ask the question by starting a conversation. From time to time we will hold group meetings to discuss certain issues, be sure to become a part of these meetings.

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