What we're about

The idea may be nice but the right resources gives it life. Together, we can create a vehicle to get all of us to our destinations. A business and community organization's welfare is dependent on having knowledge, skillls, and resources to navigate.

If you want to learn about:

*Starting a nonprofit and finding resources
*Getting business certifications and licenses
*Locating city and state contracts
*Accessing corporate volunteers and funding
*Developing a business plan structure in class
*Learning about crowd funding
*Joining a coworking/shared offfice space
*Knowing the legal, financial, and city codes
*Finding low start-up business opportunities
*Designing your own website with templates
*Fundraising for businesses and nonprofits
*Sponsoring foster care, juvenile, at risk youth
*Developing industry apprenticeships

We want you to be well informed and purposefully build a solid business or nonprofit. When conducting business, it is always better to walk in the light than trip in the dark. Your business is your baby. Real babies need shots as a form of prevention. A business can't thrive on good intentions. Carefully planning is loss prevention and leads to growth and income retention.

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