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Are You Dreaming Big But Playing Small? Be extraordinary!!!

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Are you dreaming big, but playing small???

Be Extraordinary!

Discover How To Lead Yourself Out of Mediocrity So You Can Break Away From The Pack And Finally Become The Go To Leader You Were Meant To Be

Using her intuitive insight, Licensed Therapist and Business Coach,
Kris Prochaska, blows up the myths and excuses that keep
entrepreneurs stuck in the middle-that place where folks dream
BIG yet play small. With a whole lot of compassion and a ‘crassy
sense of humor’, she helps her clients own their authority and
transform their Internal Leadership Team in order to stop being
emotional followers and grow into being powerful thought leaders
creating a mindset for success.

Kris is the creator of the life-changing Free Your Inner VOICE
Blueprint and 9-Aligned: What to Tweak Before You Speak.
She is the author of Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice And
Prosper to be released in early 2013.

The path from emotional follower to thought leader is fraught with challenges and many places to get stuck...especially in the middle. The middle is quicksand to a burgeoning entrepreneur, and Kris will
show how to turn it all around.

In this fun, interactive and power-packed talk, you will discover:

~Five secrets to a successful mindset (and at least 3 of them may shock and surprise you!)

~Who are the members of your Internal Leadership Team and how are they keeping you stuck in the middle

~Uncover your top triggers, those self-sabotaging behaviors that might be holding you back

~The number 1 strategy quick strategy to break free from the middle mindset and finally start leading the pack


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