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Using Free/Inexpensive Business Resourses Date/Time TBD
We will talk about sites and resources that can help you build your brand/business, support your back office and manage customer interaction at little or no cost. DATE & TIME TBD

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BusinessGO! Is a Meetup group for small business owners and entrepreneurs that will be finding activities to do locally within Central Maryland and Washington D.C Let's get together and network, chat, and exchange ideas that help everyone!

BusinessGO! Is more than just a meetup. It's an opportunity to meet and collaborate with likeminded individuals. We want to be able to spark discussion and innovation online and offline. There shouldn't be a separation of the two. Let's help each other be productive and share our skillset with the community!

This is the Meetup group you've been waiting for.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

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