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We are now doing online business and marketing educational, networking and social events. You can join for free and most (if not all) events per month are generally free of charge. 
This group is part of a global network of women and men entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, visionaries and leaders. This population globally runs about 190,000+ people - mostly in the main cities of USA, Canada, UK and South East Asia. By the middle of 2022, we will be in all continents except for Antarctica. 
We do an average of 2-3 business networking events per month PLUS 3-4 marketing educational events (starting in Jan 2022) geared towards the beginner through savvy and experienced entrepreneurs.

We do (collectively in all our meetup groups)
1. Leadership & Marketing Strategic Educational events.
2. Nationwide (USA, Canada) networking events.
3. Global Business networking events.
4. Unique Social Events
and much more!

Please join our group and RSVP to the next event. (Please click the JOIN THIS GROUP button to join for free.)

Our affiliate group leaders have organizations catering to startup and tech, spirituality, consciousness, innovations, social networking, blogging, support for authors, experts and bloggers categories too many to list here. 
You can see a list of some of our groups here: https://sunilbhaskaran.com/events/

These events receive some of the most stellar recommendations.
"They offer great networking events requiring participants to go beyond their rehearsed elevator speech. "
- Christina Wilhelm from CMW Accounting & Consulting Christina Wilhelm CMW Accounting & Consulting - Baldwin, Maryland.

"Demonstrated industry experts in Business Marketing & Networking"
- Gregory Ige of Azare Technology Solutions LLC - Stafford, Texas.

"Amazing, full of connection and sound advice."
- Priscilla Christie of Discovering You - Santa Cruz, CA.

"Outstanding information meetings concerning new businesses."
- Dennis Coburn of Expense Reduction Analysts - Tomball, Texas.

"Refreshing business perspective and excellent information."
- Philanthi R Koslowski Infinite Nonprofit Solutions, LLC - Roswell, Georgia.

We receive such raving reviews almost weekly. No idle boast and all due to our wonderful team members and affiliate leaders who lead networking and educational events almost every day in some major city.

Please join our group and we will make you feel welcome.

We are a well structured community with rules and guidelines for each meeting - these will be outlined in our meetings and in the event descriptions. We combine this great structuring with good down-home friendliness - to ensure that you have a good, if not great experience with us.

Please Join This Group ASAP.
See you very soon. 
Sunil Bhaskaran

More information on Sunil
WEBSITE: https://sunilbhaskaran.com/
​LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sunilbhaskaranspeaker/
ALIGNABLE free to join:  https://www.alignable.com/san-jose-ca/global-business-marketing-networking

Please join our Global Small Business School, where you can learn to network effectively in the USA.
We will be adding other courses soon at this link above; Time management, productivity for entrepreneurs, doing effective and compelling
sales presentations, marketing strategy, and much more.  Please go to the link above and join the email list at the bottom of the page if you wish to be alerted.

For more groups to join - Startup & Tech, Social Media, Blogging & Content Marketing, Writing, Social Events & Training,
Worldwide groups to join and much much more, go to 

Our twice a month Nationwide Business Networking events (we have people from all over USA, Canada and globally attending)
typically get 30-50 attendees (business professionals and owners).
To learn more, please go to https://nationwidenetworking.co/

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The Global & Nationwide Business Networking Event – October 20th 2022

Link visible for attendees

PLEASE NOTE: THIS is an online event. You will need to register here at this link following to get your zoom link sent to you via email:



We are a professional collaborative dedicated to outstanding connections, high-quality introductions and creating loyal partners. We hold ourselves to higher standards of business relationships and business building, and we know that you do too.

We encourage connection, not from scripts or a quota to fill, but from genuinely listening, engaging and interacting from the heart. We know that success comes from having deep relationships, created and nurtured over time.

Join us to:
• Reach people globally and nationwide and build connections for your business.
• Engage with people who, like you, are strategic, thoughtful, and interested in building genuine, strong, business relationships.
• Meet others to collaborate with and grow.

We promote this event to over 200,000+ professionals nationwide.

Your leaders:
Organized by Jeanne Vaseleck, Kathy Culver, Dr. Vijaya Nair & Sunil Bhaskaran - 4 people who bring established and proven business experience and organizational ability.

We provide a structure for an enjoyable, friendly, professional and respectful place to come and meet new colleagues, collaborators and friends with honorable and respectful follow-through and follow-ups.

We look forward to seeing you at this ONLINE event,
~ Jeanne, Kathy, Vijaya & Sunil, Organizers

P.S. Please join from a device with a working camera, a computer works best if you want to save the chat information with everyone’s contact information rather than a phone.

By registering for this event, you agree to be added to our email lists. We will only use your email to keep you informed of our newest events, resources, and tools to grow your businesses.

Also, we alert you to the following points inside of our intention to provide high-quality events. We may not be perfect the first or second time – but we want to keep improving. The following points are stated here as a result of our learnings from doing hundreds if not thousands of such networking and educational events. We trust that you understand the spirit in which we conduct our events.

** We will NEVER spam you or sell your address! We will only use your email to keep you informed of our newest events, resources, and tools to grow your businesses. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM others in these events. Do not put people into your email lists unless you get specific permission from them to do so. Please endeavor to build relationships first before asking or presenting any business that you do. This is considered good form and behavior in most of the countries that we promote to – it is in your interests and our interests that you follow these rules. If you break these rules, we will have to remove and prevent you from attending again. Thank you.

*** Due to Acts of God – e.g. power outages, destructive weather, etc. – unpredictable and uncontrollable, the organizer may be unable to start or continue the event electronically. On the occasion that such Acts of God occur, we will do our best to alert you or continue via a proxy host.

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The Global & Nationwide Business Networking Event – October 6th 2022

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