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What is a business of tomorrow?We are an ideal fit for owners who quietly (or boldly) believe that the way we think, see and do business needs to evolve; away from ideas (and practices) of competition, conflict, scarcity and disconnection -- toward collaboration, connection and creativity.

This professional community is uniquely designed to help create and sustain the whole life we envision for ourselves and for our customers, 360º. Through divergent guests and activities we focus on supporting the owner in creating and maintaining equilibrium across five core dimensions of life: from the material to health, relationships, business and spiritual.

To join is free and our events will have a small fee to offset administration of the group.

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Share the Wealth: Create More • Experience More

Limericks Traditional Public House

Share the Wealth with Caroline Brookfield

Limericks Traditional Public House

Share the Wealth: Lunch/Learn

Limericks Traditional Public House

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