What we're about

Starting out

Everyday we have people asking about how they can buy or sell bitcoin. We can't answer these simple questions on a one-on-one basis because it wouldn't be feasible. We couldn't get any work done.

This meetup is a great place where everyone could get hands-on help and learn about bitcoin. We will have a live demo on topics like; How to buy bitcoin? How to send and receive bitcoin from peers? Who is currently accepting bitcoin as payment? We could go over a few common bitcoin wallets and explore that is the best way to store your bitcoin safely.

If you are young or old, experienced or just getting started in bitcoin. We will have something for everyone.


We are the operator of bitcoin atms in Singapore. Bitcoin Exchange Pte Ltd, opened the first atm at the Citilink Mall and later moved it to Hong Lim Complex. Now we have added an additional atm at Tiong Bahru Plaza. We are the trusted name in Singapore.

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