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Why a Marketing Meetup in Bhubaneswar?

There are different groups focused on startups but we wanted to be very specific and focus on one of the major problems a startup or any enterprise faces - Marketing. When should you be starting with Marketing, what should invest your time on? Should you be looking at paid ads, should you do SEO? How to evaluate SEO companies? How to hire your own team? What qualities should you look for in your marketing team. And more and more.

You should join in the BuzzLogic Marketing Meetup group (Bhubaneshwar) if you are any of the following:

• You are the CEO of a company and you want to know what new technologies are disrupting marketing world over

• You are the CMO of a large Enterprise who is interested to know the marketing trends and techniques which are working out pretty well for your competitors

• You are a Startup Entrepreneur who are strong in Technology but need to understand Marketing dynamics (Basics and Advanced) to attempt Do-It-Yourself

• You are the founder of a company which generates business revenues but you want to scale up.

• You are the Head of Marketing of an organisation and you want your marketing team efforts to be benchmarked and get more from marketing?

• You are a Marketing Professional and you want to understand how to plan the marketing at a details level, step by step.

• You teach marketing and you want to ensure your teachings are of practical value to budding marketeers who will embrace corporate life soon.

• You are a Marketing student who is joining a company and you want to understand how "practically" marketing works and what is the approach to succeed in building a great brand.

• You are a CEO who loves to draw parallels between B2B and B2C and try to cross-leverage something which worked for one industry into yours. This will provide insights and step by step approach.

• You are someone who wants to help other startups and enterprises grow by sharing your experience.

Welcome Marketing Gurus, we will have the biggest and most effective marketing meetups in Bhubaneswar!


Subhendu Pattnaik
BuzzLogic Marketing Meetup Group

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Perfecting Email Marketing! What works - What Sucks!
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Needs a location

Hello Marketing Gurus, We had an awesome first meetup two days back. Thanks to all of you who came in and participated. And for folks who missed, we will meet soon.. may be if you could come over to the next meetup! A lot of folks suggested that they are not getting a lot of responses using Email Marketing and so I thought of having a session which focuses on showcasing case studies and dissecting email campaigns to understand what works and how should you draft your emails.. Having run Email marketing campaigns at numerous companies, having attended quite a few of the webinars, I will share my experiences and learning and I also look forward to listening to your thoughts/experiences on Email marketing - what did you try and how did it work out for you.. The date and venue of the meetup is not decided yet but we are expecting more number of people to join in, so scouting for a bigger venue. I will keep you posted! Till then, please RSVP and also share the link of this meetup with your friends who you think would like being a part of the session and have them to RSVP too! Cheers! Subhendu Founder, Bhubaneswar Marketing Meetup

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How to get started with Marketing when you are starting up!

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