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The aim of the By ThoughtWorks tech-talks is to share our thinking about emerging technical trends, and -- as always -- inspire debate and conversation. You’ll find an open, comfortable environment for technologists to meet and discuss recent developments in the tech world, projects that both inspire and challenge, and how to stay on top of the ever-shifting tech landscape. We’ll feature both ThoughtWorkers and friends in this ongoing series. All are welcome and food will be provided.

We're a software consultancy and community of passionate, purpose-led individuals. We think disruptively to deliver technology to address our clients' toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionise the IT industry and create positive social change.

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Tech Radar Vol.22: The value of enduring engineering practices

Tuesday, 21 July 2020 |[masked]:00pm (AEST) inc 15 min Q&A MANDATORY REGISTRATION VIA THIS LINK: https://www.thoughtworks.com/by-thoughtworks/webinars So you can continue to tap into and enjoy the content we deliver regularly in our By ThoughtWorks event series, we are moving our current line-up of speakers to a webinar format until we can get back to our in-person event. We hope you will join us! TECH RADAR VOL.22: THE VALUE OF ENDURING ENGINEERING PRACTICES While developing our latest Technology Radar, we found ourselves continually coming back to the necessity of applying good engineering principles to new areas of software development. We return to this topic so often because we keep finding niches where we see slow progress on this advice. For this Radar, we decided to call out again ‘infrastructure as code’ as well as ‘pipelines as code’, and we also had a number of conversations about infrastructure configurations, machine learning pipelines and other related areas. We find that outside ThoughtWorks, the teams who commonly own these areas do not embrace enduring engineering practices such as applying software design principles, automation, continuous integration, testing, and so on. Join our upcoming online panel discussion where we’ll further explore this topic. Our panelists include two of the authors of Technology Radar, ThoughtWorks Head of Technology for Australia, Scott Shaw, and Director and Head of Engineering, Evan Bottcher, as well as Lead Consultant, Inny So, and Software Developer, Effy Elden. PANEL OF SPEAKERS: Scott Shaw As the Head of Technology for ThoughtWorks in Australia, Scott divides his time between professional services leadership and consulting. As a consultant, he helps enterprise customers to shape their technology to align with 21st century practices like cloud, continuous delivery, microservices and lean governance. As a lifelong programmer and technology professional, Scott has designed and worked on distributed systems of every imaginable size and shape. When he’s not in meetings, Scott enjoys writing Clojure code. Inny So Inny So is currently working in ThoughtWorks Australia as an Lead Consultant. She had the opportunity to work in different aspects of Software Engineering including development, test automation and operation. She enjoys all things infrastructure, especially when it comes to understanding the health of a system and infrastructure using data. Effy Elden Effy Elden is a 25-year-old non-binary trans girl who works as a consultant software developer for ThoughtWorks in Melbourne. As an avid technologist they are passionate about DevOps enablement and cloud infrastructure, and in their spare time they pursue activism in the fields of digital privacy and queer rights. Evan Bottcher Evan is an experienced hands-on technical leader with more than two decades of experience building and integrating systems, providing clients with advice on technology strategy, enterprise architecture and software delivery practices. MANDATORY REGISTRATION VIA THIS LINK: https://www.thoughtworks.com/by-thoughtworks/webinars

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