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This meet up it is a positive action group with the aim of maintaining public rights of access to Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park.

With the camping ban and bylaws finally in place It is clear that the National Park Authority will never listen to park users putting business interests and their own personal agenda first.

We will make then listen through organising outdoor events as protests that are enjoyable and part of our respective sports so it will never be a chore and so no end will come until our goals are met. This will be achieved by mobilising all who value their access rights and what to see Scotland continue as the progressive leader it has become.


Many of the outdoor organisations opposed the Bylaws in their current form are appalled at criminal penalties for individuals who are doing no more than exercising their access rights enshrined in an Act of Parliament.

We, reject and resent the National Parks removal of these rights and their concerted attack on visitors through numerous hidden but never the less a real erosion of access rights or the ability to exercise these rights interfering with our right to roam.

The Park authority know as well as we do that the vast majority of park users are conscientious people who love and respect the natural environment. We reject the idea that good responsible individuals should be criminalised along with the bad. While the National Park Authority sees fit to trample over us in pursuit of their goal to have Byelaws and management zone to exert control over the population.

In order to counter the National Park’s media machine it is our intention to bring this debate to the country and demonstrate our opposition to criminal records for not paying a £3.00 permit. The management and Governance of the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park has been subverted by interests that are not in keeping with the principle on which National Parks were created.

It is our intention is simple we will continue our protest until the byelaws are scrapped and the founding principle of National Parks are re-instated so the population as a whole can once more enjoy the asset that should have been held in trust


Right to roam and access rights start from the principle that the countryside is an asset of the Scottish people, that no one land owner should have a monopoly or be able to exclude others. While we entirely support the view that littering and anti-social behaviour should be combatted (it upsets us as much as anyone), we believe the plan to remove public access rights to a National Park goes too far, that it is a disproportionate response and undermines the very reason National Parks were created in the first place. We call on the National Park Authority to target the perpetrators, not criminalise those who love the outdoors.

We have chosen Meetup as the platform as it is already familiar to many thousands in the walking community and other outdoor sectors. The key to success is organisation and communication and we hope this Meetup will allow us to learn from each other and present a united front for each problem we tackle. If you have any ideas to help achieve these goals please join us and share your insight.

All the hard work in the world can easily be undone by a single negative action so, as a group, it is important that we fully understand and support the aims of any day out before taking part and that we are also willing to stay within the bounds of the plan for the day.

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