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What we’re about

Bynder is a cloud based web application that allows brands to create, find and use content. More than 150,000 specialists use Bynder every day to upload, produce, collaborate, review and approve digital assets. We deliver the most advanced, award-winning branding automation solution using a wide range of modern web technologies.

Our frontend runs with the help of the latest version of ECMAScript, React, Redux, GraphQL, Flow and Jest. We're also in good relations with canvas image processing, Web Components, WebSockets, Webpack, Babel and some others.

At our meetups we welcome everyone interested in modern frontend development, web performance, securirty and JS engineering. We like to share our knowledge about building a multi-modular web application, present technological background of our new features, analyse frontend trends, talk about best practices and much more.

Note that our meetups will be in English. Pictures or video taken during our events might be used for marketing purposes. By attending any of the events you are agreeing to the code of conduct:

Want to learn more about Bynder? Check our website for developerstech blog on MediumTwitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.