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Our Holistic Health Group was created for anyone who wants a better, healthier life on all levels!

This group was created to Empower you through connection, with others. Others that are Empowered and can help you with ideas you haven't had, and others that are not so Empowered, and could do with your support and knowledge.

This is a place to be Inspired by new knowledge, and to be Encouraged. A place to learn to be in the flow of life, and to succeed as a result.

This is a group in which to share challenges and solutions and perhaps to become an example-setter or leader in your community – in a happy, healthy and individually SUSTAINABLE way.

Whether you want to lead and be in control of yourself and your life, or your family, a group, a business or an organisation, being holistically healthy and understanding ourselves on all levels, emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically and spiritually, ensures we are at our best! This means we are able to make the best impact in our lives, for ourselves and for those around us.

Many people struggle on their own, and it can be a hard road. Don’t be alone. You don’t have to! Come meet others who are looking forward to meeting you! To share and learn from each other, support and encourage one another.

Life can be stunningly beautiful and I want to give everyone a chance to experience that through sharing and learning from others, as well as their inner selves. You don’t have to do life, or ‘adulting’ on your own! Come along and meet other wonderful people all learning, changing, transforming, growing and leaving difficulty behind.

And become Holistically Healthy - as well as Happy and Successful!

P.s. Pop onto Facebook for our group page and hit 'join' where you can see our posts and things our members share: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Holisticall ...

Can't wait to meet you! Anika x.

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Upcoming events (2)

Are you in Emotional, Mental or Physical pain? Join our 4 Steps to Freedom Event

Do you have pain, illness or imbalance in your body? Do you have trouble gaining peace of mind? Are you dealing with challenging emotions? Is your energy not the best, are you always tired? Do you think there could be something still unresolved from a past life? Do you suspect your energy could be being sapped by a mystery issue? Do you hunger for more satisfaction, happiness and success? Come along and let Master Healer & Energy Medicine Specialist Anika Brizuela show you how to be free of pain, of despair, of limitations of ALL KINDS, and move forward in fearless empowerment. Save yourself loads of Time and Money! Anika will share with you how she healed herself of ALL of her issues; and she explains how your mind-body-spirit works as one, and how you can find and clear stressors, and help yourself become the Fearless, Successful person you have always believed yourself to be! Anika is not just a therapist, she is also a healer, a medical and healing intuitive and an educator, an instructor with the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice. In true overachiever style, Anika is presenting a workshop that is not about just one type of therapy - this is not just EFT, NLP, sabotaging beliefs or crystals.....This is a workshop encompassing ALL areas of a person, mind-body-spirit – including ones that are very hard to gain knowledge on, unless they are intuited! Anika will share with you ALL the different options you can choose from to balance ALL parts of yourself. Because you can't truly heal if you don't have ALL the information and ALL the options to choose from! As a Bonus, Anika will share with you her secret knowledge, her tips and tricks to healing your mind, your heart, your emotions, your physical body and your spirit - as fast and as easily as possible! Yes, you heard right. An entertaining and enlightening speaker, Anika shares with stories to accurately illustrate real life examples of success for you! Anika will assist you to identify your major stressor and help you heal or balance the strain of this major stress in your life on the day. You are Guaranteed to leave feeling less stress, feeling lighter and free-er on the day! With tools to help yourself with in the future! 🌟I am giving away 5 FREE tickets🌟 Please message me to avail the FREE ticket. Book now, numbers are limited for this fun, enlightening workshop!

What is Happiness? How can it be Easy? Anika Brizuela with Guest Terri Tonkin.

Have you struggled to stay happy? Then you do not want miss this amazing presentation! Introducing Ms Terri Tonkin, an inspirational speaker and transformation facilitator. Her goal is to ensure everyone has happiness in their life, everyday. Terri loves to help people shift, change and upgrade their perceptions in a way that supports happiness in life. This shift into happiness can then flow onto other areas, such as personal growth and business success. Terri has the ability to coach change gently and effectively having the skill to hear what is not said, and use her ability to feel the change in the person to guide her. Terri is excited to be coming from Brisbane to Byron just for our group, and to help our members see emotions in a different way, to allow for real, positive change in your life. If you have lost your zest for life, or can’t find joy and happiness in your daily life, then Terri is here to help you reclaim your inner joy and happiness, and fill up your bucket, so you are constantly smiling. Come and enjoy a night of authentic sharing and enlightenment! Lucky Door prize: 🌟Terri’s Book ‘My Time to Shine’, worth $25. Event details: Date:13th August Venue:Byron Bay services club - 132 Johnson St. · Byron Bay Tickets to this meetup are just $15. Numbers ARE limited, RSVP now and begin to shift into lasting happiness! See you soon, Anika x.

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