Scaling Blockchain Applications with Off-Chain Transactions by Koshik Raj

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Scalability is a crucial factor in an application deployed in any network and many applications often fail to scale due to certain limitations. Scalability has been one of the concerns even in the blockchain space. Although there are several ways to build scalable blockchain systems, off-chain transactions are the best-known solution. In this free live online session, we will be covering a few of the concepts surrounding this hot topic to get a deeper insight into the solution.


1. Scaling issues in the existing blockchain platforms
2. Basics of layer 2 blockchain protocols
3. Introduction to off-chain state channels and sidechains
4. The Lightning network: Design and implementation
5. Getting to know side chain implementations: Plasma, Rootstock,Loom
6. Other scaling solutions

About the Speaker: Koshik Raj is a Blockchain enthusiast and a full stack developer with a Master's degree focused in Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance from Manipal Institute of Technology. Currently writing a book on "Foundations of Blockchain", Koshik is also an experienced blogger with a demonstrated history of working in the computer and network security industry.

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