Jack Kungel Beat Cancer (oh, and diabetes and other dis-eases) with Cannabis

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Cinnaminson Branch Library

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Please join us on June 19th for this interactive skype interview with Jack Kungel from Canada, who saved his life by learning how to use Cannabis to treat the "SOURCE" of his illnesses.

In Jack's words:
I had 8 surgeries,
I have bilateral carpel tunnel, Bilateral ulnar nerve entrapment, 2 torn rotator cuffs, 2 torn bicep tendons, Torn cartilage the meniscus tendon and the cruciate ligament in my right knee and a hernia. This happened when some steel was falling and I caught it to keep my feet from being crushed. So for the next 20 years I threw up 2 to 3 times a day from the medication. I lost my teeth because, the stomach acid ate them. I have 4 permanently damaged ribs from puking and permanent nerve damage in my upper girdle and the hernia from puking (feels like someone stabbing with a knife all the time.) I had 543 visits to therapy and about 40 cortisone injections into my shoulders to keep my arms mobile and they were not successful. I had my right knee scoped 16 times.

I was at deaths door from "pharmaceutical toxicity" from the drugs they had me on. My body was in convulsions from reactions from everything. So I did some research and found cannabis. I have stopped every single medication I was on and just INGESTED CANNABIS. 3 grams everyday in capsules ground up and 3 cookies. My life has done a complete turn around from ingesting cannabis.

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