• Innovation In The Cannabis Industry-Research, Investing, and Technology

    Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Innovation In The Cannabis Industry, from Israel to USA. The event is taking place May 22nd in Center City Philadelphia at Levitt Auditorium at University of the Arts with a focus around transferring and commercializing technology and research from Israel to the US. The event is also a soft-announcement for Greenhouse Ventures International Commercialization Incubator we're announcing, which focuses on Israeli and Canadian startups seeking market entry through the USA. The promo code will allow you to purchase a ticket for only $30.00 for the full day, please take advantage of this opportunity. https://greenhouseventures.regfox.com/innovation-in-cannabis

  • Exploring the Healing Potential of Cannabis with Danny Khiv

    Cinnaminson Branch Library

    We will start discussing the Endocannabinoid System, and what we have learned about it so far. Cannabis/Hemp binds to receptors within our Endocannabinoid System (ECS), instructing the cells to do specific tasks. We will begin with any announcements, then our presentation, followed by discussion, q & a, and any other topics of interest... What brings you here? What can you share with others? Do you or someone you know have personal experience healing from a disorder using any form of hemp or Cannabis? This is a forum for the people, by the people. If you can help this cause in any way, we welcome you... See you soon! Warmly, Laurie

  • 1st Meeting, Brainstorming goals and future meeting topics

    Cinnaminson Branch Library

    The library only holds about 40 people, please RSVP to secure a seat. This is our first meeting, and there was a time we didn't know if this was going to happen, but it is! We will be discussing future meeting topics, speakers we would like to hear from, volunteering for the group, establishing common sense guidelines for the meetings, and anything else that comes up...