What we're about

(Career & Combat Training Fitness)

This meetup was created for candidates preparing to go through ANY law enforcement academy or military boot camp. It's also for active/retired M.O.S.'s who know the benefits of group P.T.

I feel training with others motivates me to push harder to reach my personal goals and ALL skill levels are welcome!

-We will share our knowledge and techniques and we will learn from each other.

-We will discuss our individual fitness goals and then train as a group to condition our bodies.

-Interested in combat training, we'll do that as well. I have a target mitt and a pair of punch mitts for anyone who wants to practice striking techniques with fists and legs. I also have a pair of padded sticks if anyone wants to practice Arnis (Kali/Eskrima=Filipino Stick Fighting). I have basic knowledge in these 2 styles but I'm no expert.

I look forward to meeting you! 😊

Days/Dates: Sundays, Mondays, and/or Tuesdays.

Location: Van Cortlandt Park-Running Track (near Broadway at 242nd St-last stop on the # 1 train). If we can speak in advance, we can possibly go somewhere that's easy for everyone to get to.

Time: will vary depending on availability of the majority.

Duration of group training will depend on us.

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Van Cortlandt Park Track Stadium


Van Cortlandt Park Track Stadium


Astoria Park Track

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