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Hi. My name is Jennifer Miller. I adopted this meetup on 6/26/14. There are so many things I enjoy doing not just playing volleyball; therefore, I had thought of a new name... CETS (pronounced like SETS). This will consist of varieties of events in Charlotte such as:

* Entertainment (movies, concerts, comedy night, dinner/lunch get together, etc)

* Traveling (domestic and/or international), and

* Sports (Volleyball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Softball, Tennis, Kickball, Soccer, and Basketball, etc)

The age group for this group is from 21 thru 55 years old who like to keep an active, sociable, and fun life. Either you are new to the city or not and would like to meet new friends, come and join this fun group. OR, either you are single, married, divorce, or whatever is your current status...everyone is welcome to join this group. You MUST be friendly and has a likeable personality. You joined to make friends and network. Arrogance, negative attitude, acting like an a$$hole, and/or has a bitchy difficult, drama queen attitude will NOT be tolerated. The five questions are important questions that every new members who are joining must read and answer carefully. Take those questions seriously and remember them to avoid any misunderstanding as well as EXPECTATIONS from you are set in advance. If you behave or act in a manner that will cause me or any leaders stress and/or drama, you will be remove immediately. This is an adult social group. Therefore, act accordingly with manners. You are expected to participate within 6 months from the joined date. If you have not attended any events, please be inform that you will be remove and label as INACTIVE MEMBER.

In the meantime, I am looking for volunteers who can host other activities and/or sports. I can't do it all. Would you be interested?

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post it in the discussion board or contact me. Hope to meet everyone! And thank you for joining.

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