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A canonical Coding Gym is organized by a Coding Gym moderator, lasts 2 hours and consists of 3 self-contained challenges.

Attendees pair off and each pair agrees on the programming language to code with. The moderator reads the problem and shows a few examples. Then people start working on the same challenge at the same time. During this phase, each pair codes and tests directly into the web browser, thanks to a Competitive Programming platform (like HackerRank) which hosts the exercises. In the meantime, the moderator peeks at what pairs are doing and gives hints if someone gets stuck.

When the time for a challenge is over, the moderator opens a retrospective and asks some people to explain their solutions. The target of the discussion is to understand compromises, pros and cons of each. In this phase, the moderator may ask people additional questions and may change constraints of the problem. This way people have to discuss about the impact of these new requirements. More details on this phase are discussed in this section. Moreover, the moderator may show alternative solutions.

This process is repeated 3 times.